Monday, November 24, 2008

1st Part of Degree Project

Here's the first part of my first final for Degree Project. This fine gentleman is Quail Dobbs, a famous rodeo clown. My Degree Project is basically a children's book (not my original idea..) showcasing different famous clowns and telling a few facts about their lives in poem-form (Lindsay's idea, which I think is cute). As per Linda's request, I'm doing the finished portraits separate from the Backgrounds, leaving more room for mistakes.

Gouache, about 5 hours. 16" x 20" or so. I'm really pleased with how this came out - I actually redrew him from my sketch instead of just transferring my final sketch (something I've become accustomed to NOT doing anymore). Either way, love him, love him, love him.

Wish me luck on the background! I'll post them both together once I've got them done. 


Alycia said...

i truly hate your ability to whip
things out.
it makes me hate life.
that being said, hes adorrrrrrable.

Leonard Dente said...

You have serious skill with gouache, this piece came out nicey. The only thing that bothers me is the perspective on the top of the barrel, it looks wonky and too fuzzy/indecisive. I only nitpick because I <3 your work Ms. Bamcat ...

Allison Bamcat said...

It's for a children's book, and I actually did do that intentionally upon drawing it. He's going to be floating in space on the page, so the perspective doesn't have to be spot on.

But I'm happy you know my style well enough to notice I wouldn't normally make my perspective wonky. ;)