Friday, November 21, 2008

Shame In You

It sucks to know you probably didn't mean as much to someone you loved as you thought. And it sucks to think that you were probably never that important to them to begin with.

I'm tired of living life alone.

It doesn't matter if you miss someone. It doesn't make everything right.

...I hate being depressed about this stuff.

When I awaken, and I'm aching, time for sleeping, yeah
When I'm saying time to go and, I've been hurting, yeah
When I'm laying, I'm still trying, concentrating on dying


Tuesday Morning said...

i think the only thing that matters is what you feel when it comes down to it. and if what YOU felt gave you happiness, i think you can take that away like a pinch of sugar and keep it under your tongue and let yourself revel for a bit in its sweetness and it'll melt away and spread all around your insides and you'll have it forever.
i don't know what you mean about living life alone. we all live life alone. the only thing we can share is Time. just living for the experience or the moments or the time in between those when you are so utterly alone. there's beauty in all of it, and it scrapes us out and makes us extend out wider and deeper and we feel more, never less.
it doesn't matter if you miss someone. i believe in collective subconscious, and that you can share vibes with people even if they are literally on the other side of the world, if you're tapped in. i'm going through a similar thing...

Lindsay said...

I agree with Miss Tuesday on a lot of that. It is an awful and unfair thing to do to you, but truly in the end your feelings were real and genuine. You loved to the best of your heart and that's beautiful and wonderful. None of it was fake, and you can hold on to the joy and how it made you grow is everlasting. Even so, it's little comfort in a situation like this. We are all alone in a sense, but we are all also together in every sense of the word. We're all so alike in our needs and thoughts, we just express them in different ways. I.E. selfishly/graciously/angrily/empathetically/apatheticly/etc.

And some of us are still children, and don't know how to share with others the love they deserve yet.