Wednesday, November 19, 2008


My computer pisses me off.

Drew this earlier! I was making faces at myself in the mirror.
That's what lonely people do. True story: my dad used to videotape himself making stupid faces in the mirror and laughed at himself. Like father like daughter.

Going to see ELECTRIC SIX on Friday with a good friend. He's into toymaking, and he said he'd like to translate one of my characters into a toy if I make him a drawing. Sounds good to me - I like toys. :)

Very tired now. I think I'll make it an early night.


Veronica said...

Are you guys going to a GAY BAR GAY BAR after? ;)

Allison Bamcat said...

Haha, omg awesome.
Only if we're awesome enough.
The last time I saw them, the lead singer did a high kick and ripped his pants. OH NO. haha

Tuesday Morning said...


ben. said...

Ugh, so jealous you're seeing Electric Six, so jealous you get to get a toy of one of your characters made.