Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Detour progress

More progress. I'm kind of doing a color comp, just to figure out the rest of the characters and how the values will all work together. I like the girl, the catspider, the fat maskguy, and the layout for the sunflower monster/tv dog. Other than that, everything is in the works. The rest of the characters will be much darker, and I'm thinking of adding a second crazy lightsource coming from the left to give the back cover a little pizazz since the characters will be darker.

Either way, I'm digging it. I rarely work on the same project for more than a few weeks without hating it, and I'm still really liking this one.

Keeping the good vibes up. Soundgarden is one of the more predominant bands I listen to when I draw. So here's a Soundgarden song I listen to constantly. 4th of July. I listen to this song almost every day.

My Degree Project class went well today, for once. I stood up for myself and my ideas and kind of half reassured my teacher that everything was going to turn out awesome. So here's to more good classes.

Also: surgery on Thursday. Pretty psyched. For those who don't know, I have an inflamed cyst on my left wrist (due to a massive woodcarving I did last year) that puts me in unbearable pain a lot of the time, so I'm getting that sucker OUT. I got it drained once and it came back 2 weeks later, so I decided surgery is the best route to go. I'll be coherent within an hour of the surgery, but I won't be able to do much with it for a couple of days, so I'm gonna take it easy at my parents' house for a bit. I'll be online, and I'm gonna bring my tablet, so if you need me, contact me.

Lots of love!
-Cherry Bomb Bamcat

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