Sunday, January 3, 2010

Robot Sketch #2

"How I Feel About You Pt. II" Pencil, 11" 14"

Here's the other sketch for my robot paintings, for the upcoming Space 242 "I...YOU...WE ROBOT!" show coming up this month. This is the match to my last drawing - the two are a couple. They represent each halves of the excitement and pain that love brings. I hesitate to post this type of art sometimes because, for me, it's something deeply personal and emotional that I'm not sure most will understand.

I'll post the finished paintings after they're completed.

Business card sketch, Pencil, 12" x 9"

Also, here's a sketch of what could become my new business card front. I figure sometimes it's hard to put a name to a face, so I'm just making it easy for everyone. Also, who wouldn't want to stare at my pretty face all day? DERRR

More updates this coming week with previews for my spring show: Guilty Pleasures with Doug Poole. Go check out his work if you get the chance!

And submissions for the Robot show are due this upcoming Monday, January 11th. I encourage anyone with a love for anything robotic to submit something!