Friday, December 23, 2011

Pig on the Wing sketch

Here's the sketch for something that's been floating around in my head for some time. I've been listening to A LOT of Pink Floyd (as in every day for a month, including right this moment). The album "Animals" has been the favorite of our household, and these lines are really special to me:

You know that I care for you
And I know that you care for me, too

So I don't feel alone,

Or the weight of the stone

Now that I've found somewhere safe to bury my bone
And any fool knows a dog needs a home

A shelter from pigs on the wing

-Pink Floyd - Pigs on the Wing Pt. 2

So I wanted to create my own pig with wings, tweaked a bit for my own aesthetic. The eyes will be opal. The wings will be hypercolorful. And I want to make this one BIG! No wimpy little panel for this pretty piggy.

Happy Holidays if I don't post again before Christmas, guys! Take care, and thank you again for checking up on me. :)

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Piranha Plant Siren

A painting I made for our annual Design Dept. Art Swap at Converse! One of my senior designers, Eric Swartz, got to take her home!

Painting © Allison Bamford
Piranha Plants © Nintendo

Prints available soon through My Etsy Shop!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

CVLT! ∴ The Ars Moriendi Project! ∴ Bamcat's Scary Sweet Custom Skull

Casey Desmond's skull from the last installment!

Middlesex Lounge, Cambridge, MA

Oh hey!

So a few posts ago I previewed the life-size resin skull that I painted for the Ars Moriendi Project opening, hosted by CTRL+ALT+DESIGN. I wanted to share some photos of the opening and some photos of my skull! I'm stoked with the way it came out, and I hope you'll love it too!

Friday, December 9, 2011

Tonight! The Hundreds Show at LAP Gallery

Click for the Facebook event page!

You can see my pieces!! <3 Cick the image to read the write-up in the Weekly Dig!

All Art is $100 // $200 // or $300

OPENING RECEPTION: Friday, December 9, 7-10 PM
Show Dates: December 9 - January 14
Gallery Hours: Wed - Fri 4-10 PM, Sat 2-8 PM or by appointment.

Lincoln Arts Project is pleased to announce The Hundreds Show. Featuring over 40 artists in a “everything must go” show. All art falls into of three price points - $100, $200, or $300. A great opportunity to get “cheap” work from some of Boston’s finest established and emerging artists.


Adam LoRusso
Adam O’Day
Adahn Stewart
Adrienne Ginter
Aimee Belanger
Allison Bamcat
Amanda Fiedler
Bill Dunlap
Bradford Rusick
Brian Butler
Brian Hart
Caleb Neelon
Candace Corbin
Charlie Smith
Chelsea Dirck
Claudia Quigua
Cydney Gottlieb
Danielle Spurge
Dave Ortega
Dave Tolmie
Erica Aubin
Fish McGill
Gabbie Li
Ian Stewart
Jared Friedman
Jess Barnett
Jessica MacMillan
Josh Luke
Julie Weiman
June Levinson
Katie Loesel
Kenji Nakayama
Kevin Bucaccio
Kristina Carroll
Mel Blood
Mike Dacey
Princess Die
Raul Gonzalez
Ross Normandin
Sam Hayes
Scott Chasse
Scott Murry
Sean-Tremayne C. Lunsford
Sirarpi Heghinian Walzer
Steve Rand
LAP Gallery
289 Moody Street, Waltham MA

Parking in rear of building, and on street.

Accessible by:
Commuter Rail (Stops in Porter Sq & North Station)
70, 70A (Central Sq/Allston/Brighton)
170 (Back Bay, Dudley Sq)
505, 553, 554, 556, 558 (Downtown Boston)

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Phidias Gold : Distillation Show Opening 12/2/11

show flier

Phidias Gold is a premium apparel brand for artists by artists. Taking after the 9 Greek muses which gave people the necessary inspiration for creating, Phidias Gold follows as the 10th Muse—The Muse of Visual Art. Phidias Gold is here to inspire art in the modern era by showcasing talented artists, and being the brand that creative individuals wear.

wall painting by Wesley Eggebrecht & help (this thing was taller than me)

©Leo Espinosa 2011

©J.R. Goldberg 2011
And then I proceeded to yell "Weenie Water" all night for the rest of forever laughing like a little kid

I see Kenji's bottle!

The place filled up really quickly!

You can check our more of Phidias Gold, as well as their recently launched winter line at

Congrats to Alex Dakoulas and Wesley Eggebrecht on such a successful event!

Monday, December 5, 2011

Woah! Busy week this past week!

So these things happened this past week :

1. I collected my skull for the Ars Moriendi show by CVLT (opening tonight!)
2. I painted said skull, my first 3D piece, and I LOVE how it came out

Just a preview! You'll have to come to the opening tonight or wait patiently to see the rest!

3. A collection of Converse shoes I worked on was featured in InTouch magazine (below!)

That's Gwen Stefani's baby Zuma!!

4. Another collection of Converse kids shoes I worked on was bumped up a season and is now available at Nordstrom for the holiday! Free shipping right now! :)

Available for sale here!

5. Boston's Weekly Dig released an article about me featuring a studio visit from Christina Lacoste. The article dropped online on Friday, you can read it here! (She left in all the embarassing parts even!)

That's my studio! You can see my kitty Gogo in my lap!

6. I attended the Distillation show with Phidias Gold, post about that coming tomorrow. (lots of great pictures!)

7. I celebrated my one year anniversary with Rikard! We went to the Swedish Jul Market in the South End. :) God Jul!
Thanks for looking! Lots of updates coming this week! :)