Monday, January 7, 2013

2013 - The Year

This past year has been an amazing yet trying year. My fiancé's family came over from Europe to meet my family. We were able to celebrate our engagement in Sweden and on American shores. I got to fish for crayfish and cook a feast with them using the traditional Swedish recipe. I started roller derby this year and subsequently injured myself (doing phsyical therapy now, ugh). It was one of the first years I didn't move apartments. I got to watch one of my best friends get married. I participated in several gallery shows (including my first overseas shows!) and attended my first comic con in New York. I travelled A LOT. I was able to mentor some teenagers at work (am I a grown-up now?).

And 2013 is the year I get married to my best friend.

A friend is creating a dress for me (the design is very Sailor Moon from the back - not a coincidence). Another incredibly talented friend Katie Blauer is designing my shoes. I've designed the Save the Dates, and I'm looking forward to creating some fun and quirky invitations and favors and fun things for our guests.

They say wedding planning takes over your life : MY BODY IS READY.

Happy 2013, followers. Thank you for sticking with me for another year.