Wednesday, November 19, 2008


is a new day. Happy happy.
I have renewed vigor.
(even though my ex ex ex boyfriend called me at 6 in the morning from Iraq.)

But today I will force the Business office to give me the money they owe me.
Today I will have Black and White Illustration with Mister Roosh who's AWESOME. On that note, everybody in that class is AWESOME. We laugh all the way through class and still come out with great work.

Might hang out with my buddy Doug later. He's a great artist, too. He used to do the big windows at Blick before he moved way the hell away to Alaska (and back) and bestowed the job unto me. He's a great guy, an Illustrator and a graduate from AIB, so if you get a chance to look at his work, please do:

Tonight, Detour final touches. I want to explore every possible option with this piece to make it THE BEST piece it can be. I admit I was a bit cranky about changing it. But remember? Renewed vigor!

And Friday night, the friend I'm going to the Electric Six show with? This guy: Patrick Fahy. He's a very good friend of mine who's an incredible jewelry maker/toy maker. He has about A THOUSAND toy robots (Lindsay you would pee yourself if you saw his collection) and is into a lot of the same kind of art as me. I've always wanted to learn how to make molds and casts and stuff, and he's already been a big help in trying to teach me. Yay Patrick!

Now, I'm off to school! Renewed vigor! Hopefully hash browns too! (I love hash browns. <3)

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Leonard Dente said...

Thanks for the kind words. Also: Congrats! Stop being such a rockstar you're making the rest of us look bad!