Monday, February 16, 2009

Degree Project and Something Completely Different

This is a sketch for my fourth Degree Project piece. It's an octoclown. I've been wanting to combine animals with clowns (my theme being clowns), and I feel this was successful. I know drawing octopi are all the rage right now, but I have a reason: I had bought a small glass sculpture of an octopus with only 5 tentacles (a pentapus) and a big red nose. It's adorable, and it inspired this piece.

The theme is being "the octopus in the brine," if you will. It's about being different and not being afraid to shine. The light source will be from directly above as sunlight gleaming through water. The fishes swimming in their school below will be highlighted in the sun. The main colors will be blue, turquoise, red, white, cream, and violet. Possibly yellow tones in the water.

And this, THIS, my friends, is a commission my friend asked me to do. PLEASE FULL VIEW. He wanted me to take this picture and make it badass. And if there's anyone who wants to whine about copying - go for it. I was told to go by a direct reference, and I'm complying to my client's needs. So whatevs on you.

Either way, he wanted St. Michael kicking the shit out of a demon with a sword, and I took this as an opportunity to draw lots of line and lots of movement with the fabric and the feathers. I NEVER draw men either (which you can probably tell) so I tried to make St. Michael look as beefy as possible. His flowing blonde hair doesn't lend well to his rippling muscles.

Isn't it strange to think I did the octoclown 4 hours ago and this new one an hour ago? What the hell happened since then? And I was drawing puppies earlier. Weird night. This is what happens when Jared leaves.

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