Friday, February 20, 2009

Something I'm working on.

Freelance work for NEAFA.
Here's my lighting comp. (WARNING HUGE FILE)

(This is the piece where the human's shadow is facing the wrong direction. I'm also going to change the hand to be dropping a treat in the bucket instead of just an amputated hand shoving a treat at the puppa.)

Either way, problems aside, I thought it was a pretty sophisticated go at a lighting comp. I usually do them in pencil, but it was SO MUCH FASTER in photoshop. I need to do more digital work. And I did a full background! Even though I normally despise them. I'm usually just very character-obsessed, though, so it's good for my to do backgrounds.

I had my first comic book class at Emerson tonight with Andy Fish. It was very good! Lots of in-class working time, which I'm not used to with such loooooong critiques at MassArt. It was good to see some work from people whose lives don't revolve around art the way mine does. It's nice to see things from a different, sometimes simpler perspective every once in a while.

Better update soon, promise.

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