Saturday, February 7, 2009

Detour! *bing!*

The long-awaited Detour 12 is finally almost here! Featuring my cover!

I'm too exhausted right now to really function, but buy one! Here!

Thanks for all the support from Andy, Lindsay, and Veronica during the Detour contest.

In other news, I'm now doing a freelance job for a Rug company off of Newbury St. I'll be designing/painting a window advertisement for them - not my most favorite thing to do, but I do it well, and quick. Also, it's money, in a time where I have very little. So I'll be doing that Tuesday (when I should be doing my other homework, which I'll finish, somehow).

But yes! Detour! Buy it! It has comics from AMAZING artists such as Andy Fish, Derek Ring, Veronica Hebard, Jamie Buckmaster, Jim Riel, and lots of other super-talented people. I'm really excited!

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