Friday, February 27, 2009


I have a few things to talk to you about. This will be a long blog.


I have seen some INCREDIBLE art on this site, which has given me SO MUCH inspiration.
As a student, sometimes it's hard to think of your art as having a feasible place in the art world. But the work I've seen from some of the artists on this site have really given me some insight and some security in what I'm doing. Concept art is so beautiful to see, and the thought behind it can be stunning. So PLEASE check out this site when you have a chance.

2. Troy Galluzzi

I found him on

His work reminds me of my idol, Veronica Hebard, and to see other artists using such brilliant, neon colors in such well-done work encourages me to work with bright colors. His traditional work is ASTOUNDING, and his digital work makes me just squee with joy. Here are some examples. Go check him out!3. Business card

This is my solution to my business card problem. I feel much more confident in what I've created (thanks to the help of my Lindsay Small, Andy Fish, and the rest of my classmates). I feel very confident about this one, especially after I've been such an emotional wreck these days because of the fire. I hope you like it to! Let me know if you'd like me to send you one, along with one of my promo postcards. I have stamps!

4. I had a review with some of the creators of Rock Band at Harmonix tonight.

They told me that I have a good sense of color, and it shows in my traditional work. I wish I had had better digital samples for them, but the fact that they had difficulty telling my gouache work from my digital work gives me a sense of accomplishment. I talked to Mitchell, one of the character designers, and his feedback was great. I told him that I was interested in making toys and apparel, and he told me my work would translate well to 3D media. I take that as a HUGE encouragement, and talking to a professional has really helped my view of things. I feel enriched from talking to them. (And they set up Rock Band 2 on the big projector screen on the 11th floor, so I got to display my AMAZING fake guitar abilities, my bum wrist yelling at me the whole time.)


4dam said...

LOVE the new b-card. LOVE it!

Allison Bamcat said...

Thanks so much! I just ordered them tonight off of They're FANTASTIC and have amazing quality cards, so if you ever need to order any, go to them. (And type in BC100 at your total screen and they'll give you $10 off your total. :D)