Sunday, February 15, 2009

New England Arts for Animals

In my Professional Freelance class, I've been working with a foundation called the New England Arts for Animals. They support animal rescue, therapy, companion and service organizations, as well as wildlife sanctuaries that support these causes.

They've offered spots in their 2010 illustrated calendar to myself and my class, demonstrating the bond between humans and animals. I've found this assignment to be refreshing, with the subject matter being easy to swallow and having such a warm, touching feeling behind it. Jill, the founder, did a great job opening our eyes to the many needs for helper animals - not just as aid animals but also as a form of therapy for sick and disabled people.

I'm incredibly fond of snakes, so I wanted to show that snakes could be lovable as well. One of my friends has a snake named Medusa that will curl up in your pocket and fall asleep if you let her. I also had my picture taken with a 12 foot boa constrictor when I was 7, and I was absolutely fascinated.

For my second sketch, I wanted to make a girlfriend for Mister Roosh's Frankensteiny, since it's his anniversary and all. Her name is Lizzy (after Elizabeth, who became the bride of Frankenstein). And, of course, it would have to be a Halloween scene! He's been an awesome teacher and an awesome friend the past few months, and he bought a few of my paintings a little while back, so I wanted to do something small to thank him. haha. Yay puppies!


mister reusch said...

Lizzy looks great! thanks for posting this, very cool!

Anonymous said...

Hey it's Kristen!

Yay that you are doing stuff with animals (since you know that's my love). People usually forget that animals are used for more than just service. Therapy is a big part of it. Down at the Vet hospital in DC they have these awesome dogs that assist vets that have lost their legs. They give them support to stand using their new legs :-) Makes me feel all fuzzy inside.