Monday, February 23, 2009

2/8 Degree Project Pieces

These are the first two in a series of 8 for my Illustration Degree Project pieces involving clowns depicting parts of my life and feelings they convey to me.

The first involves staying calm while your world comes crashing down.

The second depicts the moment before all hell breaks loose, the moment of ungravity, not knowing what may happen.

The next piece in the series that I'll post soon conveys mine and my sister's battle with depression and learning how to save yourself.

The fourth, the comp I just posted, is a realization of being different and embracing the way you don't fit into the normalcy of things and other people.

This project has a really deep meaning for me, regarding specific moments in my life. It's too difficult to post here - if you'd like to hear more, you can email me or buy me a coffee. I'm happy with the way this is turning out.

1 comment:

GOOLIE said...

These look really good. I love the colors you used in the first one.