Sunday, June 28, 2009

Updates after Space 242

Just a little thing I did before the Space 242 show last night, which was AWESOME!!! Thank you SO MUCH to everyone who took the time and the gas to come out and support myself and my lovely artist associates. It was one of the best times ever, and I'm so lucky to have such great friends and family. The show is up for a month, so if you didn't get the chance to come at the opening, let me know and I can give you a private tour!!

Aside from that, working on a cover for the Boston Phoenix's "Silencing Free Speech" issue. The cover will run from Boston to Portland (meaning you can pick one up, Jared!), and I couldn't be more excited. Final sketch done, onto color comps. More updates on that in the next day or two.

I bought 4 more wooden plaques/panels at the Goodwill store with Alex today, and I can't wait to start painting! I'm really digging the whole plaque thing - it feels much less sterile than painting on a square or a rectangle. So yay! Lots of new work coming up for the Paint Pens in Purses show in August.

Thanks for watching my blog, and thanks again to everyone who made it to the gallery and contributed to the creation of the event, especially Ami Bennitt, the gallery director. I've been asked to do my own show sometime next year, and I already know the talented folk I'd like to be apart of it.

And one final Thank You to Veronica and Andy for giving me the opportunity to be in the show with them. As two of my favorite artists and people, I'm honored to be able to show my work with yours, and the motivation you both had for creating work for the show gave me the inspiration and motivation I needed to make 10 paintings in two weeks before the show. Thank you so, so much. <3 style="text-decoration: underline;">

Off I go!


Jared said...

Awesome news about the cover, honey! It was cool enough when we thought you were just on the Boston cover, but now two cities? Wicked. When does the story run? <3

Veronica said...

Oh my goodness you are so sweet - Yowza suggestive cover!