Sunday, June 7, 2009

Character sketches!

Sponge Alien

Rabbler Alien

Muska Alien

Littlest Ghost Alien

The Bubble Demon

Here are the sketches for my series of aliens that I'm painting for the show. They I just wanted to do something fun, and I started drawing these on the trainride back from Worcester, when I was freshly inspired by Andy and Veronica's awesome work. :) I wanted to do something for the show that I thought was unique to my style, and making smaller paintings is very relaxing to me. I could make a million of them (and maybe I will). The last one of 6 will be my bomb clown, Mr. Grin-Grin.

They'll be painted in gouache on 6" x 8" panels. ...maybe bigger if I decide to buy more board... I'm so confusing! I can't commit to anything, hahaha.

Less than two weeks until the show, and I have 6 small paintings and 3 big ones to make. If those guys can do it, I can do it too. :)

Also! A special thank you to Alison Cowell who is lovely and bought one of my paintings and a couple of prints from my etsy. She's pretty awesome for someone with only one "L" in their name. <3

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