Saturday, June 13, 2009

Blast Off Billy the Space Clown

BetsyBop needed a boyfriend, so I made her one, despite having WAY too much other work to be doing.

That's the thing though. When I get burnt out from drawing, instead of going outside or making some food, I just draw something else until I'm ready again. It's constant. As of the day I'm writing this (Wednesday), I did artwork non-stop all day from 11AM to 3AM. And I could have just gone to bed after my last painting, but I made Blast Off Billy instead.

You have to realize at some point that, if you want to art and nothing else for a living, you have to be able to commit to that. I mean, isn't that why I went to art school in the first place? I only wanted to draw, and nothing else. It's my whole life, and it makes me so happy. Even when I'm exhausted and babbling in my blog like now.

And everyone deserves to find the person they're made for. <3

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Veronica said...

Awesome!! This is a fantastic style for you

I heard you were sick - feel better :D