Saturday, June 20, 2009

The Bubble Demon and the Sponge Alien

Here are the last two monsters I created for the Space 242 show: The Bubble Demon and The Sponge Alien. This completes a series of 6, which you'll be able to check out at the opening next Friday, the 26th.

The show was hung today (HUGE HUGE thanks to Ami and Gavin and crew!), and I have to say I'm at a lossfor how relieved I am. When you've been working at a steady constant for so long, it's hard to take a break. I'm very proud of the work I made, and I'm so impressed with all of the other work. The show is going to be amazing (one of the best yet, if I may be so humble), and it's so wonderful to know I get to show work with three of my most favorite people. (Lindsay, Andy, and Veronica.)

Next on the menu: papercraft toy for Speakerdog, and another gallery in August for Paint Pens in Purses. And, possibly on the horizon, Pop Euphoria II? I'm so excited, and this is shaping up to be a very good summer, full of wonderful opportunities to make and show my art.

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