Saturday, June 6, 2009

Paintings and adventures and thanks!

Herro! My computer is all set, no viruses, and running faster than ever. HUGE relief. Special thanks to Jared for being my tech support and diffusing my computer-not-working rage. <3 style="text-align: center;">(Basil kitty!)

AAAAANNDD one more GIGANTIC Thank You to Andy and Veronica for taking care of me and feeding me pancakes and burritos while I helped them with Space 242 stuff yesterday and today. I'm so impressed with everything they both have made for the show, and in general. I know it's all going to look fantastic! I had a lot of fun staring at all of their interesting toys and playing with their kittykitty and swooning over their beautiful artwork. I didn't even bring my sketchbook! Ugh! It made me very antsy not working on something while they both worked so diligently.

Their work motivated me to come home, buy 4 new boards, make 3 new drawings, and create a painting based off of a previous piece I had made for the show. I'm super pumped to get the rest of my work done! Here's the final line-up:

4 Ku*Chi*Ku paintings, gouache, not digital anymore (from 11" x 14" - 16" x 20")
4 Clown pieces (shown here previously) (from 9" x 12" - 12" x 20"
4 small clown pieces (6" x 6")
and 6 small character/alien pieces (5" x 7"

AND last but not least, a small painting of Rainbow Brite that's going up on my etsy! Give her a nice home! She loves you!

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