Sunday, June 28, 2009

I forget how you do art.

The only drawing that came out okay, today.

My head has been a big ball of mush since the show ended. All I've been thinking is: what's next? So here are two separate lists of things I want to do and things I have to get done. It helps to write it out and settle my head.

Things I have to do:
*Final linework and colors for Boston Pheonix cover for Tuesday
*Create a Speakerdog papercraft toy in the next two weeks
*Make a mural for Blick (no idea what yet) in the next couple weeks
*Series of pieces for show in August
Things I want to do:
*Do tons and tons of life drawing of everything everywhere
*Make a series of paintings on antique panels
*Make a series of paintings with various sayings
*Make a drawing that fills the whole paper
*Learn how to really digitally paint
*Build my website and make it awesome
*Do awesome collabs with other artists
*Create more characters
*Update my physical portfolio

When it comes to organizing myself for the things I have to do, there's no problem there. I get it done and do my very best. But when I have so many options for the things I want to do, I get stuck and feel very overwhelmed.

What do you do to stop a creative block?
Suggestions? Ideas?


mister reusch said...

i get wicked overwhelmed by all the stuff on my self-generated projects list, too. i've found it helps to just pick ONE thing, add it to my "have to do list" and it becomes manageable and i'm able to focus. repeat. endlessly.

Kate McElroy said...

I get very overwhelmed and confused with things like that too. Like the other person said, just picking something helps a bundle. And I also find that it's possible to get through things from column A and B both if you alternate between them.

Allison Bamcat said...

Thanks for the advice, guys! I'm feeling better about things, and I think I'm just gonna take it slow. Maybe make some little paintings or something.

Thanks for the advice! <3 I always appreciate it.