Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Little update.

Just wanted to mention that I have a couple more little pieces up on etsy, including this little guy here. I've been keeping myself busy between the times I work by doing little drawings and paintings - I've been doing art every day, and it's helping me stay focused. I've had good company around too (see: Alex and Lindsay) to keep me motivated and to have some fun without assignment stress.

I've completed the color comps for my first 3 degree project pieces, and I'm looking forward to starting/finishing them. I'm strange - most of the time, I need to do a painting in one go, because I need the feeling of being in that moment and having that kind of relationship with the colors I'm using and the way I apply the paint. I'm very attached to my materials - I'm in love with heavyweight hot press board and paint that comes in plastic tubes. It soothes me.

But! Lindsay Small came over today, and we were supposed to paint but didn't, so we watched stupid online videos and looked at stupid websites instead, which was also very good. I missed her! She's one of my favorites. :)

So I'm just pushing through until school starts up again, I guess. Can't wait until reviews are over!!

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