Thursday, January 8, 2009

Bookie the Black Dog

Another small painting I did in my new "series" I guess. I just like making little paintings, and if they are small enough, my cat Momo will not destroy them too quickly.

He has 7 legs for good luck and a hideous face that he's very insecure about. He plays in radioactive snow with his favorite ball, Lucky Ball.

Original for sale at my etsy.

Prints of each character available in the future, possibly, if I do enough of these. I can't use neon colors anymore for these though because they don't reproduce well. :(

I have been INCREDIBLY active lately, regarding art and doing art and keeping up. I've started a million more projects, and I've been upkeeping all of my online shops/blogs/relations/funds very adamantly. I'm really proud of myself for being a grown-up on my own motivation. Jared has been a FANTASTIC help too, and he tells me I'm pretty and that my art is wonderful. So that helps too. :)

Side Note: I started the new windows at Blick today - I drew and painted all the linework for a 30-foot mural in less than two hours. I'm getting the hang of this. I also produced a new flier for our back-to-school sale that looks pretty sweet, that I may post later. Email me if you ever want to see the artwork I do for Blick (which is quite a lot).

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