Tuesday, January 27, 2009

More comic stuff.

Top half of the first panel of my comic. Once I have a more legible storyboard, I'll post it up. As for now, I'm happy with this image. I'm planning on doing this in black and white, but I may or may not change it to color for the summer issue of Detour.

Gonna have a meeting with Andy Fish for some direction (and to fill out paperwork that is do VERY SOON!!!). I have the first few pages planned out. Now I just have to.. create them.

While I was in Portland this weekend, I picked up an issue of Tank Girl (half-tones *drooool*) and another graphic novel called Muzz. I like it so far. It has weird creatures and delicious linework. Casablanca Comics in Portland has been alerted of the arrival of the new Detour with help from Jared, so hopefully we'll see them on the shelf there soon. If not, heads will roll.

I put my hair back today. A lot of people noticed and said they liked it. <3
I hope it doesn't snow on Wednesday.

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Tuesday Morning said...

Tank Girl is awesome. good choice