Sunday, January 4, 2009

Set up an Etsy shop

Hey guys, hope you had a good new year! For mine, I got to spend lots of wonderful time with wonderful people, especially the ever-handsome Jared, so that was quite nice.

I set up an etsy shop with some prints of pieces I've done in the past and some original/drawings paintings. They're going cheap, so get them while you can!

While you're at it, don't forget to check out my ebay auctions ENDING IN TWO DAYS for some original illustrations/sketches.

Lots of busy things on the horizon! Starting up school in a couple of weeks and I have a final review that had gotten postponed due to a big storm. So I have to get all that organized. After reviews, I'll have a lot more artwork to sell and put up in shows. I've been working fairly steadily on my degree project (I have two more sketches) and I'm working on pieces for my first gallery show next semester.

Along with that, I've discovered a site that will allow me to translate images into pieces of acrylic plastic that I can punch out and make jewelry/charms/keychains with. That's very exciting! I've always wanted to have my own line of jewelry, and acrylic is YUMMY. <3

I emailed
Shin Tanaka for a blank template of his paper doll, so I'm going to design that, build that, and submit pictures to him for his site. I also bought a book I've been obsessed with for quite some time about package design that includes a dvd with templates in it! So I can hopefully make my own products and design the packages for them as well. I need to learn how to design packages, though! Haha.

So much busy-ness going on! I'm trying to pack as much independent/promotional work as I can before I'm buckled down with assignments again - I never have enough time to do the thousands and billions of things I want to do, haha.

PS! There are prints available of my Cooking Monster guy on my etsy! Go buy one!

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