Friday, January 23, 2009

Comic: Character Study 1

(Please full-view!)

So I'm making a comic. It's based on a story from my childhood about chasing down the ice cream man because he would never stop for me at my house. Jerk.

The basic story goes like this: Allison is sitting at her desk at home afterschool, bored, when she hears the delightful jingle of the ice cream truck. Her head shoots up, and she runs to her backpack, tearing it apart and dumping it out looking for every last bit of change. As the jingle comes closer, she darts outside, just as the ice cream man is rounding the bend.

Upon seeing just Allison outside of her house as opposed to a gaggle of kids, the ice cream truck driver decides it's not worth it to stop, so off he goes. Allison stands there, confused, but determined to get her ice cream. She leaps off the ledge of her yard and starts to run after the ice cream man, who has sped up a little to avoid the guilt of not stopping for her.

Allison leaps over small fences, cuts through yards, runs along ledges, and braves barking dogs to cut off the ice cream man at the corner before he gets onto the main route and will be too fast to catch. So she gathers every last bit of energy, pumping her legs and fists, quarters and pennies sweaty in her palm under the hot California sun, and jumps off the wall of a neighboring yard (dramatic action shot in the air) and lands close to the ice cream truck. She is now running side by side with the truck, pounding on the side of the van to stop. With a heavy sigh, the driver pulls over, and Allison does a little jump for victory. As she drops her sweaty change onto the aluminum window sill, faded peeling stickers of ice cream all around, she asks for a double cone with two scoops of Oreo ice cream. The Ice Cream Man serves her begrudgingly, looming in the darkness of his van and speeds away.

Allison triumphantly takes the first lick of her ice cream and begins her journey home.

This will be a test of my figure drawing capabilities, as well as using more dynamic compositions to tell a story. I'm really looking forward to getting this all together. I'm planning for probably 8 pages, and I bought comic layout paper and everything! I'm so excited! <3

So wish me luck. I'll have the priceless guidance of my wonderful Andy Fish, and maybe I can include this in the summer issue of Detour if I finish in time. :)


S.Kim said...

looks awesome (except for little crippled left hand, ha) I'm excited to see this in the end, keep us updated!

Kate McElroy said...

Get your ice cream little Allison!

Rockin'! I'm glad you found a story you wanted to try and will be exicted to more!