Saturday, January 10, 2009


Degree Project sketches. I've redone my idea a thousands times, incorporating clowns into each idea (clowns being my theme), and I've come to the conclusion that I need to draw the way I want or this will never get past the starting line.

So now I have 3 concrete sketches, and I'm very pleased. It only took like, 5 months to be happy with this project, and the break - being away from the classroom atmosphere - has helped me rid myself of my insecurities regarding this project.

I'm using clowns in the way I normally would draw them - adding symbols and emotions and color to represent events and feelings I have about my life.

First, is the brother to my Bomb Clown Monster. He's a Dirigible Clown Monster. I drew him when I was afraid of not making it in the art world. He is a perfect.

Second is my Stilt Yolk Clown Monster. I drew him one day after work, when I was feeling strange. I always draw characters with stilts - I'm very insecure about my height. I wear tall shoes, have looked into stilt-walking classes, and the teetering/wobbling on shaky legs over eggshells thing just works for me. This drawing feels perfect, to me.

Last is the 800th edition of my Teacup Clown Monster. I had an epitome tonight. After 2 hours of drawing and not making anything good, I took a shower and cleared my head. As soon as I was getting ready to get out, my brain screamed, "THE CLOWN NEEDS TO BE MADE OUT OF ICE CREAM" and everything fell into place. I found my solution to this problem.

And now I feel that these three pieces look like they belong together, like they're part of a family. They're my Degree Project Clown Family. They've come a long way. I love them.


Greg Miller said...

the most important part is that you love them so much, plus they look awesome! Just keep plugging away.

Allison Bamcat said...

Thanks Greg! I miss you! Hope things are going well over break. :)