Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Bamcat's Upcoming Events!!

I have plenty of pins to give you if you catch me at one of these events!

Howdy! I just wanted to keep you guys up to date on some of the things I'm working on/looking forward to. IN CHRONOLOGICAL ORDER EVEN! :D

1. CVLT! ∴ The Ars Moriendi Project! ∴12/5

Event flier, 12/5 8PM - 1AM @ Middlesex Lounge, Cambridge MA

Some work from the last Ars Moriendi segment 11/7, featuring work from several artists including Casey Desmond (artist/singer) and Robert McElaney (artist/event coordinator)

2. Holiday Mass Market craft fair 12/11

Event flier designed by Sir Brian Butler © 2011

So excited for this! This will be my first craft fair ever, and I've been running around like a lunatic and not sleeping and working like a dog to get all of my product perfect and ready for the occasion. I have pins, prints, greeting cards, original art, hand-painted ornaments, handmade mini-stockings (that are just so punk rock) and TONS of jewelry and accessories featuring original designs by me!

I can't wait for you to see them! You can preview some of the selection at my Etsy shop!

3. Worcester Roller Derby presents : CRAFTERSHOCK!!! 12/18

This will be my SECOND craft fair to date! haha! I love Worcester, and I LOVE roller derby, so I'm stoked to combine those two things with the other thing I love : artsty crafty stuff!!

Really looking forward to this, and I'll have a better sense of which products of mine appeal to people the best. All learning experiences are good ones. :)

Other than that, I'm creating a t-shirt graphic for a Boston animal-friendly brand (not telling yet!), working on a tattoo design for a friend, and working tirelessly and endlessly on my Etsy shop to make it wondrous and sparkly shiny. Oh and working at Converse too! ;)

Thanks for looking!

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