Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Wright Building in Rockland : Open Studios 11-19-11

Last weekend I spent some time at the Wright Building in Rockland MA for Open Studios. It was my mum's birthday, so we decided to meet her there (getting lost in the mazes that are hallways there).

I've always had a soft spot for the Rockland studios, as they used to be in the Codman Building back when I was in high school. The Codman building was an old shoe factory, so it was dark, dirty, dingy, winding, and amazing. But artists should probably be somewhere clean, so everyone was shipped to the Wright Building and Codman was turned into condos.

I started attending open figure study sessions at the Codman Building at 15, and it was the best! Drinking chai tea and sitting on the floor of Scotty ???'s beautiful studio, playing with the resident cat, cranking Coheed and Cambria on my discman and feeling like an adult.

I was happy to meet so many new artists at the Open Studios, and I even made some new friends!! Take a look!

Getting lost in the maze!

works © Eija Heward

I love looking into artist's work spaces!

works © Eija Heward

©Meghan Dinsmore Dinsbots 2011

Dinsbots! Meghan Dinsmore runs Dinsbots, painting and printing different series of robots wearing chucks, robots hanging out with birds, robots with mustaches, all the best robots!

Check out her Etsy shop here!

Another incredibly talented artist I met - Heather Beck. She is an amazing metalsmith, and she's also a beekeeper! She sold out of all her home-made honey in only a couple hours!

You can check out her site here!

Thanks for looking! :)

You can find the Fourth Floor Artists Blog site here!

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