Thursday, November 17, 2011

Influential Ladies PT. 2 : Britteny Rose

2. Britteny Rose
Photo ©Cannibalized Photography 2011

Britteny Rose is an up-and-coming singer from the south shore with a voice like a hellcat and an attitude that switches from sweetest princess to hot rock chick in a split second. She's the front lady of my favorite band, Oilhead, and she's premiering as the new leading lady for cover band Groove Juice, another cool band who found her at a perfect time in her singing career.

Britteny designs her own tops!
And I design her tattoos sometimes! Meow!

Britteny has always had star quality. There are some people you meet in the world who can turn a room toward them without saying anything and make a friend out of anyone. She's fun, enthusiastic, can pound a beer with the best of them and doesn't mind acting a fool as long as everyone's having fun. Not to say she's irresponsible - she's a manager at the Independence Mall Hot Topic and puts a lot of hours into that place. She's definitely made a lot of fans there!

Oilhead Press Kit
Photo ©Cannibalized Photography 2011
Design ©Allison Bamcat 2011

I met Britteny at a weird time in her life : when she had brown hair. (And I had short yellow hair...) We became friends slowly, realizing we were both No Doubt junkies and knew how to bleach roots like a pro. She's been making her own clothes and sewing for years (taking courses at the Mass College of Art in Fashion) and selling her ready-to-wear custom goods online. She also debuts her creations at her shows! She's also dabbled in modeling and being a brand ambassador and works closely with the ever-talented Cannibalized Photography for a lot of her shoots.

Photo ©Cannibalized Photography 2011

As I've watched Britteny grow into the performer she is, I've learned a lot about confidence, coming of age, mistakes, success, and the ever-present need to be famous. I get to live vicariously through her awesome stage performances because I know all the words, and I'm happy to be Oilhead's graphic artist too. I can't wait to see where her talent will take her, and I'm lucky that she's so supportive of my art as well. (She has my drawings as tattoos! haha) Love you lady. <3

Britteny and Bamcat, Warped Tour 2007

Check out more about Britteny Rose and Oilhead at their facebook page!

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