Friday, November 4, 2011

Central Printing : Malden MA

Recently I've made a few big changes in my branding and the way I market myself. I've changed my logos, my postcards, stickers, products, revamped my online presence and made a point to start taking myself seriously as an independent business. I've done tons of research and created business plans to achieve goals and make sure I'm using the best, most efficient, and price-conscious vendors.

It's not easy or cheap to do this on your own! But I'd pay any price and lose sleep any night to get up those first couple of steps. I've become really complacent in working all day and coming home and working all night. I feel so productive, like I'm accomplishing something.

I've been selling work through my Etsy shop, and I've found that my customers are really gravitating toward my prints more than anything. However, I'd previously gone to Staples or Kinko's, and, like many other chains, they've stopped using small format Inkjet printers to keep cost down. (Not to mention horrible customer service at every Staples on the planet.) So I was on the hunt for someone else.

Shop front, Central Printing

I passed this place every day on my way home from work for the last year, never paying much attention other than staring deep into the gaze of feather-lady as I avoided crazy Malden drivers. It seemed to be easily overlooked. I knew that I needed a printing vendor, and why not gamble on a local company rather than an online corporation?

I checked it out today, and not only was the staff (currently on deck print specialist Eric) very polite, but he was incredibly helpful, genuine, happy to show me options and made me feel like the professional I am. We spoke the same dialogue and he showed me how they can print on plastic and every kind of card/vinyl you can think of. He even said he liked my work and that the colors would truly test the printer's capabilities.

Lo and behold, they came out AMAZING, and I'll absolutely be going back there again for business cards, postcards, banners, and whatever else I might need. The quality is unmatched from what I've seen, and it's such a comfortable environment that I can see myself in there quite often. (Plus the price is right! I paid $80 for 108 prints on 24" x 36" heavyweight matte stock, and they also have an ad for 1000 business cards starting at $99 on NICE stock.)

So thanks Central Printing in Malden! You have a new loyal customer!

Here's a link to their site!

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