Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Half rant/half not


-Got invited to be in Veronica's Pop Euphoria show in Worcester this weekend. I'm so excited! I picked my mime piece about Hamlet. And I'm gonna try to bring toys for the childrens, as Toys For Tots is gonna be there. Try to make it if you can! It's gonna be a blast. :) Gotta mount my piece somehow tomorrow, even though it's 12" x 12 3/4". Haha.

-Got another piece done for Black and White today, along with a final sketch that I just have to convert into a scratchboard masterpiece. I want to make Dan Blakeslee proud.

-I had thought a piece for my fashion history class was due next week, but turns out it was due today, so I had to be a Tricky Vicky and draw it in class, ink it in class, print it out on the break (with help from Amanda with the rolly scanny things), color it in LESS than two minutes (very tastefully, I might add) and mount it onto foamboard. It looks awesome. I don't like doing work at the last minute, but at least it's done. Yay!

-My mom is OFFICIALLY cancer-free. Hooray! *HUGE sigh of relief* Yay Mummy!

-Jared has been very, very wonderful to me lately. He's been a really big support while I've been shoving push pins in my eyes through finals, and I'm excited to go see him! But first: FINISH WORK.

-New shoes came in the mail! I love them! And business cards tomorrow! Yay!


I'm really tired lately, and my acid reflux has been kicking in something fierce. It's from all the caffeine, sleep deprivation, unhealthy eating habits (or non-eating habits for that matter), constant stress, and just working as hard as I possibly can. It's all gonna be worth it though.

-Money really, really isn't doing so great these days. My rent was due a few days ago, as were the bills, and I've just been on the edge of my seat waiting for payday so I can kiss that money goodbye. I bought a new box of Cheez-its. Woo.

-I had to cancel my CAT scan (for my blinding migraines) for Monday because of the stupid Degree Project show. Everything for that is completely unorganized, especially the part where they want ALL the classes to be there but not critiquing kids from their own class but not having the artist present but not keeping all the work in one room and also trying to fit 40 students' process work onto maybe 8 tables in a very small room (914). That room has terrible lighting, too. They didn't even account for the fact that many students have class early on Mondays and wouldn't be able to bring it in at 11 unless they used their break from class. Blarfgkhjg.

-I REALLY need to dye my hair. The red needs to be gone. Now. Like, right now.

Ok, I'm done complaining now! Yay school! Yay everything! Yay Jared! <3
Time to go lay down. <3

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