Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Getting there

As per Sylvia's good example, I ordered some business cards off of They cost a lot of money. Money I do not have. But this is important, dammit. Ask me for one!

Looking forward to the gallery opening on Saturday, featuring the work of such wonderful people as my favorite, Lindsay Small, Alycia Garcia, Mark Reusch, and quite a few others. There's gonna be a Kaiju Big Battel suit and everything! And Andy Fish's Batman cowl.

Looking forward to that, getting finals done and trying not to spend too many nights in the studio past midnight. But I usually do my best work past midnight, so whatever.

Had a fantastic day today, and I'm feeling like the rest of the week is going to go really well. Yay for finishing work and making everybody proud!


-Degree Project Due 12/8
a. Superimposed book layout printed
b. Label explaining my piece
-Illustration 4 Due 12/9
a. Putting my Juxtapoz piece into context
b. Color Johnny Cupcakes piece
-Black and White Illustration Due 12/10
a. Finish Gorilla, Unexpected piece
b. Scratchboard film noir piece (sketch + finish)
-Fashion History Due 12/10
a. Coat of Arms
-Poetry Due 12/18
a. 3-page analytical essay
-Detour Due 1/1
a. Bio page
b. Comic (not even started)

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