Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Detour Illustration sketch

Here's a sketch I started for one of the pages of DETOUR 12 coming out in February, which will be featuring my work on the cover. The book is an anthology of comics created by the Undercover Fish team, with AMAZING artists that I'm amazed by, so it's worth picking up. DO IT OR I'LL MAKE YOU.

Either way, I had tried to start comics, but I'm having a lot of trouble writing something funny and then illustrating it with characters. I only recently started drawing the same characters from different angles, so comics are something I'm not quite at yet. But I will be! One day!

Other than that, just waiting for final reviews to happen on Friday. I have to write a 2-page analysis on a poem by then and finish creating the rest of my labels. Otherwise, as of yesterday, all work = done, printed, cropped, finished. I stayed in my studio for a lot of late nights, only to come home to do more work, just so I'd be able to relax starting this week. I refuse to be running around like a chicken with my head cut off. After all, after reviews, it doesn't mean I don't have more work to get done, so I may as well not build myself up for this big vacation when I'll be working through it. The work doesn't bother me - with every piece I do, I improve, and that's what's most important to me.

Got a cute haircut too! It was my biggest Christmas present, and now my hair is short and cute and a pretty chocolatey brown color. I LOVE IT. I'm never dying my hair blue again. Or red, for that matter *shakes fist*.

But life is good. I'm grinning ear to ear these days. Money's incredibly tight this year for my family (as I'm assuming it is for every other family - ugh), so it's handmade gifts for everybody this year. ;D Yeah, I'm cheap. So sue me.

AND AND AND I might be considered for a job as one of my FAVORITE artist's assistant after I graduate, which would make me a very happy Bamcat, and it would mean that I could stay in Boston instead of moving away. So yay! Wish me luck!

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