Monday, December 29, 2008

Finished Detour illustration.

Here's my finish for my inside feature in the next issue of DETOUR coming out in February.
I'm really pleased with how this came out, and I think I'm addicted to halftones.

Things are very good in my life right now. I'm pumping out artwork like a mad woman, making money (finally *cry*), earning respect from important people and creating stronger friendships. I've rearranged my room yet again (my neurotic behavior at work), and I'm liking the world right now. I DO need to lose a few pounds though. When you go from no food to FREE HOLIDAY FOOD ALL THE TIME, you can sometimes lose control.

Oh, and I'm kind of falling in love with somebody. Which is always nice.
heeeee. <3


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Tuesday Morning said...

i am Also in love with halftone. YOUR halftone. that piece is really impressing me. reflective ground? hell yes. i actually have no idea but that's my interpretation and whatever it is it's fucking great.

i am not pumping out artwork. i am working early hours and riding my bike and getting tired too soon.

yeah, that part is all right.

damn. i was going to tell you something but now i've forgotten. AGAIN. OH YES, it was ask, not tell. I cannot find that flickr gadget ANYWHERE. do you know anything else about it? like who created it or anything?