Thursday, October 2, 2008

Success! (mostly)

I finished my zombie/ghost picture today.
I think it's around 22" x 28", which is the largest painting I've ever completed using mostly a #2, a #6, and a #14 round brush. It looks amazing. I'm incredibly proud of myself. It took around 20 hours from start to finish, the same amount I've spent on much smaller endeavors in the past. I'm becoming more efficient! *pumps fist in the air*


-Birthday present for Jessica (my sister, her birthday was today)
-Flyer for field trip to the Rockwell Museum
-Flyer for the t-shirt contest (everybody enter!!)
-Email Andy Fish new sketches of global warming project
-Start pen and ink project for black and white illustration
-10 thumbnails for degree project on Monday
-schedule interview/field trip for degree project for Monday
-sketches for new black and white illustration project
-Montana spray paint demo flyer for Blick

I' can't believe that this is the shortest list of things to do I've had in about a year.

But because I've caught up on my work, I can go see Jerry this weekend!! Yay!

So go see my painting! It's up in my studio until I can spray varnish/get a hi res photo of it. I'm so excited! I'm on the path to becoming a legitimate artist. :)

Lots of love! Goodnight!

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