Friday, October 10, 2008

I should be asleep.

Showed Brian Butler my Ice Cream People piece. He liked it! Yay! So hopefully that'll be up soon. I'll let you know. In the meantime, check out the other entries in his gallery! They're awesome!!

Other than that, went flyering today at MassArt. Accidentally slept through my english class. Been burnt out lately. But I'm spending the weekend with my family (we're going to Salem for my sister's birthday), and we have an extra day off next week, so that'll give me more time to get my stuff done... even though I'm caught up/ahead with everything.

Also, I'm making a new flyer for Blick, for our Montana spray paint demo, which will be AWESOME. Artists for Humanity is going to be there demonstrating, and we generally have a good time on demo day. It's one day out of every few where my managers aren't stressed, the customers aren't cranky, and my coworkers are joyous. Maybe we'll have snacks again this time.
But, uh, here's my guy that I made up for my flyer. I like having a hand-done element in all of my flyers. They're becoming more completely hand-done each time I do one. I think I have a dozen or so to start a portfolio with so far. Sweet.

And yes, he has a Decepticon belt buckle. Hell yes.


Anonymous said...

Oh man he's so awesome!

Micah Dudash said...

hey allison...your work is looking awesome. if you want to be part of the 9th floor blog, email me ( me your email.



Dr. Kevin Burney said...