Sunday, October 5, 2008

First finished piece of the year (technically).

This is something I did for Roosh's Black and White Illustration class.

It's an editorial picture based on an article about uranium/plutonium-contaminated water in New Hampshire. I remember one line saying people were worried about "long-term effects."

I just wanted it to be silly and have kind of an old-school Hanna Barbara cartoon feel.

Brush and ink - I had never used it before this assignment.

In other news, I'm pretty caught up in my classwork, and as a reward to myself, I went to visit my boyfriend this past weekend. We got drunk and played cards and I beat him with his cane when he misbehaved and hung out with his family, who I adore. I had a wonderful time, and, despite doing random bits of homework before he got up yesterday and today, it was very, very relaxing. Jerry helps me to remember that life is great at present and that sometimes I need to hang on and appreciate what's around me before my head jumps to tomorrow and the next week too quickly. He's recovering so quickly, and I hope we'll be able to celebrate our one-year anniversary soon (he broke his leg on the 7th of September, and our anniversary was the 11th :( ).

So now I'm off to work on Andy Fish homework and Mister Roosh work. Boh-bye.

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