Monday, October 6, 2008

Okay, so.

This glob REALLY needs some artwork in it. Why should I tell people to come here if there's NOTHING TO SEE?

Because I said so, that's why.

But anyways, let me share with you some works you may or may not have seen, old or new.

THIS is my most favorite piece of artwork ever. Whenever I look at this piece, I feel like a good artist. It's painted in gouache (which of course my spellchecker doesn't think is a word), and I did it last spring. I have a thing for clowns. I don't know why. I had written on the back of it, "Anywhere is better than here." I must have been a Moody Trudy that day.

These are the first few pages of a children's book I've been writing. My mother was diagnosed with breast cancer this January, and, thankfully, she beat it by the end of the summer. During that time, I was pretty much a wreck, knowing that her mum had had breast cancer as well, but I wanted to show her my support, so I started this book in Narrative Illustration last semester. Linda Bourke has always been a sort of a backbone for me while I've been at MassArt, telling me straight when I was irresponsible and being a shoulder to lean on, knowing she's been through so much. She had a seizure right around the same time my mum went in for surgery, and I was so worried about the both of them. But now that they're doing better, I'm so relieved. And when Linda comes back, I might have an independent study with her.

Oh! And when I went on the cancer walk on Thursday, I painted a little pink ribbon on my hat! (See profile picture.)

Also, these were done on toned paper with brown higgins ink, a pitt brush pen, and pink/ivory gouache.

And, last but not least, this is a piece I've completed for my Illustration 4 class with my other backbone at MassArt, Andy Fish. The assignment was that, if we were hired to our dream job, what would it be? And I picked being on the cover of Juxtapoz (sorry about the fuzzy quality - damn you fluorescent lighting!). Now, being that I worked on a wonky sheet of paper, I think the cover's out. But I could still do a spread and write an article about myself or something. I think that would be cool.

Either way, I really pushed the crap out of myself with this piece, which, inevitably made me fall behind for a class. But now that it's done, I'm incredibly proud of it. I'm surprised at the way I solved some of my problems - some didn't take much effort at all. It was just very time-consuming, something that doesn't bother me, but would definitely bother a client with a deadline. I'm getting better with acryla gouache, my most favorite medium of all time, and I want to see how I can push it. I usually use it very precisely, as with the top two pictures, but in this piece I added a lot of mess and dry brush effects, so I'm very pleased overall.

Thus concludes my little art journey for the day. Once again, I've never put these pieces up before, so I'm happy to present some art that means a lot to me. Here's to me finishing stuff on time in the future! Yay!

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