Thursday, October 30, 2008

A Wonderful Artist You Must See.

Go visit this girl!
Her name is Kate McElroy, and she's probably one of the most talented artists I know who hasn't been discovered yet. Why, I can't explain. SO DISCOVER HER!!!

She works mostly in Microns/Prismacolor markers but is well-versed in many different media and went to the Art Institute of Boston for a few years. I met her in her prime days at the ol' Blick, and we became fast friends.

Let me tell you that she's more determined than anyone I know, and she's the type who might have to cancel plans with you because she's working on some super sweet epic drawing that she's been dreaming about all day. But she is a really, really great friend. Trust me.

Go visit her site!


4dam said...

Holy shit!!! Kate and I went to high school together! She was drawing the same awesome characters then!

Matthew said...

wow... way to kick all sorts of ass kate. pretty amazing piece of amazing dude.