Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Hello Children.

Felt like crap for part of today. I think it was mostly from being gone for the weekend and not having to do work and then having much too much caffeine this afternoon. I was very restless in class and couldn't commit to my artwork. And I was raving like a lunatic in Andy Fish's office trying to make sense of my non-wanting-to-do-artness.

But now I've had time to think about my work, and I even finished an assignment in the process! Yay! Gouache, about an hour and a half.

For my global warming project:

Other than that, I have two more things to show you that I've done today. So here's a drawing I did last year that I really dug that I decided to finally scan in and add the color scheme I had been thinking of. Just a little something to keep my mind thinking about art without shortcircuiting. Took about 30 minutes.

And alas, the last piece of the night. Well, I actually did this one before that last piece BUT whatever.

This is for one of my Illustration 4 assignments with my favorite teacher Andy Fish. It's an assignment for the entire senior class, and we're all competing to have our artwork on the cover of Undercover Fish's latest anthology. The only catch is that we don't actually know what the anthology is about, and that we have no idea who's actually going to be in it yet. The winner gets to have their work printed on the cover and have the book sold throughout the world/internets, and you get a cash prize too, which is pretty cool.

I'm trying to keep my cool about all this, as I'm used to disappointment by this time, and I know I can only try my absolute hardest, so I shouldn't even be worried about the winner/loser aspect. It would be nice to be published, and by nice I mean it would be AWESOME, but again, I've gotten my hopes up before about this stuff, and I've decided it's not worth it to worry about all that. I just want to make an awesome, professional-quality piece of art that I can at least make a cover dummy with for my portfolio.

Anyways, enough rambling, onto my sketch. Took about 2 hours just for the sketch, switching thing and reworking things until I liked the combination of characters. It makes me happy. It makes me feel good about my artwork and my abilities. I've regained the self esteem I lost earlier today.

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