Tuesday, May 5, 2009


I've finished my last assignment at art school. 4 years, and I'm done with homework.

These are finished concepts for a children's video game. The theme was a Test Your Strength booth at a monster carnival. Enjoy.

I've been at school for 15 hours. I'm going to go pass out now.
Pectasaurus Rex: plays bass, chills at the Test Your Strength booth

His collection of sweet basses.

The Booth
A selection of different hammers



S.Kim said...

Looks so good. Congrats on your last assignment!

Jared said...

Omg, balloon bass for the win. :D What an awesome assignment, baby! Really great work! <3

Veronica said...


Fluffy said...

Oh man, I love the hammers.
I couldn't be able to choose between the fluffy one and the ice cream one, though. Hrrrmmm.

Neil said...

I am ALL ABOUT the ice cream hammer. these look great! I would comment more regularly if I had more to say than YOU'RE AWESOME but I guess that's still pretty fitting. YEAHYUHR!

Allison Bamcat said...

Thanks you guys! I'm really happy with how everything turned out. :)

And ice cream is awesome, in any form, violent or delicious. <3