Sunday, May 10, 2009

Pheonix cover!

I won a cover contest in Bob Maloney's Experimental Illustration class a few weeks ago, and my leaflet cover is out now for the Boston Pheonix's Bicycle Bible 2009. Go pick up a free copy today!

I was asked to use mixed media for this assignment, something I'm still trying to wrap my head around (you use more than paint! wtf), so I'm happy that Bob and Kevin Banks, the art director for the Pheonix, thought my piece was developed enough and of a caliber worthy of print. So thanks a lot to both! I appreciate it!


I'm a jerk who never posts. That will certainly change now that I'm about to graduate and will have a lot more time to focus on my art and getting other people to see my art. I have the Space 242 show coming up in June, and I'm considering starting a whole new series of pieces/paintings instead of building upon my old one. Maybe all digital. It could be fun. <3 More on that later.

Until I know what I'm officially doing for the rest of my life, this is my plan:

Step 1: Get a better job that pays more that will allow me to live without terror of not being able to afford bills/rent/loans.
Step 2: Do freelance work and find teaching work that will allow for supplimental income.
Step 3: ?
Step 4: Profit. Become famous artist and do all sorts of cool stuff like toy design, apparel design, poster design, and international gallery shows. I want my own art book, too.

I'm just looking for my niche, a style of art I can stay happy with. Hopefully, I'm getting closer to finding out what that is. OK ENOUGH


Alycia Garcia said...

i practically grabbed the cover from a man's hand at wellington station when he was reading it.

Anonymous said...

Oh my god it looks soooooooo goooooooooood.

Veronica said...