Sunday, May 31, 2009

Second and Third Drawings

Here are the next two pieces I'm also working on for tomorrow. I've finally gotten all the linework out of the way, and now I just have to do color comps/color finishes for each piece. Exciting!

Already getting kind of tired, and I wish I could go outside today, but at least I'm working on something I really like, and I'm very proud of my drawings so far. I know to many of my friends and teachers it seems I don't do many thumbnails or sketches, but I've honestly done more than a hundred just for this series alone. I think it's paying off. :)

(Oh, and the octopus's name is Maurice. He's usually very grumpy. He's an outer spacetopus.)


Alison Undercover said...

Hey Allison,
These look amazing! Did you ink them in ink or in Photoshop? Your line is so clean. Happy graduation btw!

Allison Bamcat said...

Thank you so much!!

I actually did these in pencil, then darkened the lines in Photoshop. Safer that way.

Massi said...

that hammer looks sick, i always have trouble with elipses