Sunday, May 31, 2009

First Piece drawing... The Glorper

This is the final drawing for my first piece in a series of 8 that I'm working on for the show next month. Here is number one! And I mean it this time! I'm really proud of the drawing so far, and I've been really feeling the process now, instead of feeling rushed. Now I just have to color it all fancy-like!

Speaking of rushed, I'm planning on finishing this piece and 2 others by tomorrow night. The other two are as follows: one is drawn, ready for final lines. The other ones is still only a concept with a bunch of crappy roughs, so I'm either going to have to refine it real quick or move on to a different piece that feels more flowy.

I've really fought with myself on whether or not these should be painted or done digitally, and digital won. There's physically no time to paint them, and I don't know if I can emotionally put up pieces for sale at a show that I've only just completed. They're my babies. But I need to pay the bills, so digital prints it is. I'm also trying to build up my digital work, so this will be an excellent addition to my portfolio.

My computer is still virus-ridden (though I'm using it), but my roommate is letting me borrow her pretty, shiny 20" iMac all day tomorrow to color my pieces with. <333 Thank you Sarah!

And a special thanks to Jared for loving me on my cranky days this past week. All work and no play make Allison a grumpy no-funner. Blackberry Brandy iced tea is in our future. <3

Thanks for looking! Please full view!

Also! Staying at Veronica's Thursday night to help with show stuff! Extra yay!


Ty Dunitz said...

I'm counting on you to make me hurt so good with each and every piece in this series. Go to it, lady.

Allison Bamcat said...

That is purely my motivation.