Thursday, April 30, 2009

New things!

Hey kiddies, I've been working on all of my promo stuff for my portfolio reviews/Open House and whatnot. I'm going with a squirtgun theme, because I love squirtguns and they remind me of summer and sunshine and wonderfulness. <3 So here are my promo keychains (on black and white). They have my pen name along with my website on them, and they're neon and engraved and beveled and yay! Designed entirely by me (as well as assembled). Along with this, I've changed my resume/invoice to match and my NEW HEADER. It's jazzy, I think.

ALSO: I AM GOING TO BE IN A SPACE 242 SHOW. AND NOT JUST ANY SHOW, BUT ONE WITH ANDY FISH, VERONICA HEBARD, AND LINDSAY SMALL. This is the BIGGEST DEAL IN MY ENTIRE LIFE, and I'm so excited! I get to have my work up in my FAVORITE gallery with 3 of my FAVORITE artists and friends. It's going to be so awesome!! More information closer to the show, but for now just know that it is on June 26th at the Dig's Space 242 gallery at 242 East Berkeley St. in Boston. ATTENDANCE IS MANDATORY. I REPEAT: THIS IS A BIG DEAL.

More stuff soon! School's almost over yayyyy!


Veronica said...

YAY! I love these, they are fantastic

Allison Bamcat said...

You can have one the next time I see you. :) I have pink ones too!

Fluffy said...

those are awesome! :o

Allison Bamcat said...

Thanks Fluffy. <3