Thursday, April 2, 2009

Portfolio Pieces and a New One

Here are 7 of my portfolio pieces. For now, I'm working completely digitally.

I have a new piece at the top, based off of a Mars Volta song I wasn't even listening to.


Ty Dunitz said...

Your allocation of colour is top notch. The Detour piece is so well paced.

Though it reeks of technical excellence, I'm unsure about the Halloween dog. Due to its vastly different rendering style it seems to be creating a bit of a disconnect with the beautiful flow between by the rest of the images. Still, though, it's too good to just leave out entirely. I suppose if you've got at least one other image sporting a similar style, it will be able to eke by without creating too much of a disruption.

In any case, the line work in these is just gorgeous. Is that all just the pen tool? Don't tell me it's just the pen tool. In fact, don't tell me it's your actual hand. Because I think I'd cry myself to sleep even harder.

Sorry, I crit everything. Everything.

Ty Dunitz said...

I think I meant to say 'created by' the rest of the images. It's, like, late and stuff. Whatever.

Allison Bamcat said...

Haha, don't ever be sorry, I'd love crits on this blog more often!

I do agree entirely about the dog piece. It was done for a non-profit for animals, so, while it's digital like the rest, the rendering style is quite different. It's very conceptually empty, so once I make something better, I'll probably switch it for a new one.

And all the lines are done by hand. Pencil then brush pen. And no pen tool on any of these pieces... yet.

Allison Bamcat said...

Oh, I lied.

The Cooking Monster one (pink) was done in illustrator. The rest are photoshop.

Ty Dunitz said...

Jesus. You're just a regular beast, aren't you. I've got some crying to do.

Allison Bamcat said...

oh shoosh. :P

Lindsay said...

Wait does this mean you aren't putting your amazing degree project in your portfolio????? D:

Will said...

everything looks great!