Monday, April 20, 2009

The Post You've All Been Waiting For

So about a week ago, I asked every artist, designer, friend, and cactus I knew to draw me a picture of the lovable Nintendo character, Wario. To be honest, I'm not sure what really inspired this whole thing. I was sitting in Andy Fish's comic class trying to draw a fat ice cream truck driver, and instead I found myself drawing Wario with Hulk arms (pictured below). I thought it was silly, and I started texting people, asking them to join in on the fun that is drawing fat, comical, recognizable cartoon characters.

After a few of my closest friends had eagerly given me some drawings, I started asking around at school and on the internets, sort of as a test to see who would put in the effort or make the time. I said that even a 5-minute doodle would be fine - just do it. People asked what it was for, and I said it was for me. That also changed up the playing field for people who would enter. Knowing it didn't need to be "good" or in a certain format and that I didn't need anything other than the drawing made more peopl
e want to draw. While others, knowing it wasn't "for" anything found really no pressure to do it. (I'm still waiting on a few people, but if they never get to it, I won't cry.)

But here is a showcase of all the people who joined in on this lovely adventure. There were no specifics, just to include the character somehow. Some people really had fun with this, and a lot of people took the time to put their creativity into it. And I think that shows what kind of person you are.

I really want to thank everyone who made me drawings, and I hope you had fun! I think they all turned out hilarious and awesome.

Row 1: Alex Butera, Alex Carlson (2)
Row 2: Linsday Small (2), Ty Dunitz
Row 3: Ty Dunitz, Kori Handwerker, Andy Fish
Row 4: Anthony F., Neil, Joe Blair
Row 5: Carly, Jesse, Caroline
Row 6: Cole Swavely, Ben Z, "Dan"
Row 7: Kate McElroy (3)
Row 8: Nicole Cauoette (2), Mike Keselman
Row 9: Dave Wentworth, Jeff Powers, Nameless (1)
Row 10: Nameless (3)
Top/bottom of page: Me.

Thanks again, guys.

Personal blog later.


Ty Dunitz said...

I honestly have no words. This is the most awesome collection of badassery I've seen in weeks. The World's Largest High Five to you for getting us all to participate!

Allison Bamcat said...

Thanks Ty!! Thank you so much again for contributing. I truly appreciate it and hope to come up with more calls for art like this. said...

My kids would LOVE to have any of those on their wall. Wario is Oliver's favorite, and Max is a big fan, too. So cool. I love creative people!


Laura Miner said...

You have very talented friends! Also, always loved playing Wario games over mario :)