Friday, April 24, 2009

Things lately

have been good.

I've had some tough times dealing with stress and anxiety over my place in life and the world right now. But because I have amazing family and friends, I've been able to straighten things out and get back to being optimistic and ready for anything.

I went to the Space 242 gallery opening tonight for the DESTROY BOSTON show, and I have to say the work was definitely interesting. There were rocks carved with wizards and crazy faces and giant nipple/spike/egg/creature drawings on the walls. I finally got to meet Tak Toyoshima, illustrator of the comic Secret Asian Man, and he's a really nice guy. We chatted about school and a few other things, and I told him I really want to design another cover. That'll be one of my first priorities after school's over, along with finishing my first comic.

So things are feeling pretty good for right now. I hung my pieces for the Illustration Degree Project Show, and the opening is Monday night from 6 - 8 in the President's Gallery on the 11th floor at MassArt. Stop by if you get a chance! All of the work looks fantastic!

Again, I want to thank my mum (who took me out to buy business-y clothes and got me a really nice haircut), my friends (Lindsay, Alex, Sarah, Kate, Alycia, and so many others), Andy and Veronica for being such great mentors and friends, Jared (who I'm extremely proud of and miss terribly) and everyone else who's been so great to me lately.

To conclude, a few sketches for a kids' video game I've been working on:

Thanks everyone! Less than a month until graduation!

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Kate McElroy said...

The test your strength game makes me happy. I could play "hit the eyeball with a bone" for like... hours. XD

It all seems to fit well wit the style of the game too!

Glad to hear you're doing so well! Let's hang out again soooon!