Friday, July 3, 2009

Speakerdog: Series 6

So about a month ago, I spotted a request for artists to join Ben the Illustrator's new series of papercraft toys: Speakerdogs. I absolutely LOVE papercraft toys (see: the Papercraft Paradise blog), so I jumped at the opportunity to learn to make my own and have them printed. They accepted my submission and gave me almost two months to create my own Speakerdog papercraft toy.

I've taken this as a great opportunity to do something fun and simple, but with a little extra, because papercraft toys are great to look at, but more fun to build.

So look out for updates on my new toy! The series is set to premier July 31st - check out the other series at their site until then, featuring past artists such as Shin Tanaka, Fubear, Project Detonate and Ben the Illustrator himself.

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