Saturday, July 25, 2009

Kid A cover and presents from Veronica!!

I'm working on a reinterpretation of Radiohead's Kid A album through a request for art by Beck's (the beer, not the musician) Music Inspired Art 2009. 100 albums were chosen from Pitchfork's Top Albums of the Decade, and most were already gone by the time I saw the list. But Kid A was still available! That's one of my favorite albums by them.

The album reminds me of being a teenager, walking home in the snow, developing photos in the darkroom at my high school. It reminds me of lonely. Of okay with lonely.

On a lighter note, Veronica made me presents!

(artwork ©Veronica Hebard 2009)

They're so lovely. When I was in kindergarten, the called me "Allison Wonderland," which, looking back, wasn't so bad of a nickname. Thanks Veronica! You're so supa talented and sweet!
Replacing Emoji...

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Veronica said...

Aw I'm so glad you like them! I didn't know that was your nickname!